• Hub Wall Mirror - 94cm Diameter - Grey
  • Hub Wall Mirror - 94cm Diameter - Grey
  • Hub Wall Mirror - 94cm Diameter - Grey


Hub Wall Mirror - 94cm Diameter - Grey



The Hub Wall MirrorIs a large, circular mirror, great for heavily trafficked areas like entryways, bathrooms, living rooms, and hallways. Its rubber rim makes it more durable than your average round wall mirror, and gives it a modern, industrialised look. Introducing this piece to a room adds a subtle layer of dynamic and unexpected texture, thanks to its rubber rim. This wall decor is a simple way to make a significant impact, and because the Hub Wall Mirror is a larger, reflective piece, it will make light bounce around, helping the room appear bigger and brighter. The Hub Wall Mirror's friendly, circular shape looks at home amongst a variety of decors – lending to its ability to evolve with your own changing tastes, and personal style. Dimensions: 94cm diameter.

Sku: 33015

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