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DEVON Teak Protector - Maintains and protects the natural colour of teak timber furniture.

An innovative treatment for teak that is easy to apply and lasts a long time. The treatment protects your teak and keeps it looking great by retaining the natural warm brown colour. DEVON Teak Protector assists to prevent your teak from turning black or grey and lasts the entire season.

Teak Protector dries quickly, allowing you to use your furniture within a few hours. Although water-based, the protector may affect grass, plants and some types of pavements. DEVON recommend covering the work area with a disposable piece of plastic.

When DEVON Teak Protector is completely dry, it will not react with water-based waxes. Only when solvents are present in the wax (e.g. acetone) may some weakening and dissolving occur.

DEVON Teak Protector seals the wood and provides water protection, but it will not protect from food or oil over the long term. This type of protection requires the use of DEVON Timber Furniture Shield.

Unlike oils and sealers, DEVON Teak Protector hardly changes the colour of the teak. Teak-oils and/or sealers typically change the colour of teak to a darker brown or reddish orange tint. DEVON Teak Protector reinforces the golden/ honey colour and gives a beautiful end-result.


We recommend removing any dust or sawdust with a dry, rough cleaning sponge prior to treatment. Using a dust free cloth to apply a thin layer.

Using a sponge or spray may result in overuse of the DEVON Teak Protector which could result in slight cracking and/or blistering.

DEVON Teak Protector does not effect aluminium, brass or sling. However, to keep these materials clean, it is best you prevent contact with Teak Protector. If these parts come in contact with the DEVON Teak Protector they can be cleaned with water while the DEVON Teak Protector is still wet.

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